Charles G. Woods AIA / Award Winning Architect


Over the years I’ve collected some plans that I am able to sell as “stock” construction drawings at reasonable prices.  These designs were either done for clients who gave me permission to resell them or designed for books.


The detail of the plans varies, but all are adequate to build from.  If you purchase a plan, a local architect or engineer must check it over for local conditions and codes.


Consider purchasing our books for more plan samples, or preview our Hermits Cabin as a detailed sample of our construction plans.


Changes can be made to the plans on our hourly fee basis.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact CGW.

To view a sample of our stock plans available, please click here.
"[Woods'] designs...are of high quality." - Architect Helmut Jacoby (Possibly the greatest architectural renderer of the 20th century)
last update 1/16/11