Charles G. Woods AIA / Award Winning Architect


Charles G. Woods, Architect, performs “full service” architectural work for new projects for 15 percent of the construction costs.

5 percent Design

5 percent Construction Drawings and Specifications

5 percent Bidding/Supervision (including interior decorating and landscaping)

Completion of drawings and construction take about one year each on an average-size project.  Construction costs run $150 and up per square foot for living spaces.

*Woods also performs addition/remodeling work on select projects for 20 percent of construction costs.  Measured drawings must be provided by the client.

Stages of architect’s work (each stage is 20 percent of the work and fee):

1. Programming/Preliminary Design Drawings

2. Final Design/Renderings

3. First-Half Construction Drawings

4. Complete Construction Drawings and Specifications

5. Bidding/Supervision (including interior decorating and landscaping)

Since Woods is a noted designer, artist and architect with his own developing style, it is important that potential clients read his books and review his designs before hiring him.

A minimum of $1,500 for expenses is part of the total fee, and a required 5 percent retainer fee is deducted from the last billing and payment.

*Woods' consulting fee is $150 per hour plus expenses.

**Woods is registered in Pennsylvania and is a member of NCARB, but he can transfer his license to many states or will work with local architects.


"I am overwhelmed! Obviously you have great creative ability...I am impressed by many of your designs." - Architect John Howe ("The 'hand' of FLW")
last update 1/16/11