Charles G. Woods AIA / Award Winning Architect

Woods, though an architect, has been an architectural renderer (with Ronald P. Schatz and others) for many years and a graphic artist for the last few years (with his brother Gregg Woods).  During the last year, he has begun intensively creating fine art by hand, with the computer and with various printing processes.


He has also started painting with oils and acrylics.  His artwork is receiving good early reviews and support from some noted artists and gallery owners, and his first shows have been planned.  He has already created more than 1,500 works of art.


Woods' artwork is metaphysical and archetypal in mood, and is even architectural at times.  More than one artist has noticed a similar feeling in Woods' work to that of the great Paul Klee, whom Woods greatly admires.


Noted “RAW” Artist David Tinsley said of Woods, “Charles is so fast that the computer can [hardly] keep up with him . . . his best work is as good as anything I’ve seen in New York . . . brilliant!”


Below are some samples.  Though Woods hopes his architectural clients will like his art, it is not, of course, necessary for them to purchase or use this art when doing architectural projects with Woods.


Feel free to write to Woods for a brochure on his artwork, which sells for $500 to $10,000 a piece.


*For details on displayed art regarding sizes, materials and prices, please e-mail CGW directly.

  "Woods" first plan for us in 1980 drew the largest response in the 10 year history of our 'Liesure House' home series." - Al Lees/ Editor, Popular Science Magazine.
last update 1/16/11