Charles G. Woods AIA / Award Winning Architect
  (Excludes lectures and exhibits, and includes important projects)
  1953 Born in Chicago, June 24 (same birthday as Bart Prince).  Raised in Barrington, Illinois.
  1967-72 Barrington High School (received diploma in 1980).
  1971-93 Apprenticed with architect Dennis Blair, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright (1971-1981 and 1984), and with other architects, including Wright-trained Albert Sincavage and Dan Lawrence, John J. Martin, Malcolm Wells (1981-1993).
  1972 Honorable Mention for Church and Cathedral, Northern Illinois University Design Contest.

“Home Improvement,” Barrington Courier Review News (exact date unknown).


  1979 B.A. Degree in Comparative Religious Philosophy (Minor in Architecture), Campus-Free College.
  1979-80 Taught philosophy part time, William Rainey Harper Junior College.
  1979 “House in a Hill: A Plan for the Future?” (with architect Dennis Blair), Chicago Sun-Times, May 25-26.
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  1979 Married to Julie Kettle Gundlach.
  1980 “Earth-Sheltered Sod-Roofed Home,” Popular Science, September, pp. 96-97.
  1981 M.A. Degree in Comparative Religious Philosophy, Beacon College.
  1981 “Earth-Sheltered Heat Trap,” Popular Science, Summer, pp. 78-79.
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  1981 “People Really Dig Their House,” The Wayne Independent, October 25, pp. 15-16.
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  1981-82 Woods/Gundlach Residence, Honesdale, Pennsylvania.
  1982-83 “Taking Shelter,” The Scranton Times (two parts).
  1982 “Earth Shelter House Designs 1,” Earth Shelter Living, July/August, pp. 58-59.
  1982 “Earth Shelter Atrium,” Popular Science, September, pp. 117-118.
  1983 Honorable Mention, Passive Solar Design Awards.
  1983 Natural Architecture published by Webco, Minneapolis.
  1983 “Charles Woods, Natural Architecture,” The Wayne Independent, February 10.
  1983 “Earth Bermed Wood Foundation,” Popular Science, April, pp. 112-113.
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Project: “Architerra” (with architect Dennis Blair).

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Ph.D. studies in philosophy.


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  1988  “Magnificent Seven,” 2 houses, Popular Science, February, pp. 82-86.
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  1990-93 Stultz Residence, Clinton, New Jersey.
  1990-95 Cody Residence, Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.
  1990 “State of the Art Houses,” Popular Science, January, pp. 58-62. (One house featured and served as design consultant.)
  1991-93 Augello Residence, Honesdale, Pennsylvania.
  1992-94 Cobb Residence, Honesdale, Pennsylvania.
  1992 Project: Notre Dame Cathedral (Vince Van de Venter, R.A., Associate Designer).

Designing Your Natural House (with Malcolm Wells, R.A.), New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

  1992 “Seven Deadly Sins of Home Design,” Building Ideas, Fall, pp. 81-86.
  1993-94 Cooper Residence, Kansas.
  1993 Project: Northeast Fitness and Health Center.
  1993 Became a Registered Architect (RA-011641-X) in Pennsylvania on September 24, and a Member of the AIA shortly thereafter (228459038).
  1993-94 Projects: Terry, Sisson, Weber, MacDonald/Ragsdale.
  1994 “Out of the Woods -- Natural Architecture,” Spring, pp. 91-96.

“Wright for the Times,” Building Ideas, Spring, pp. 91-96.


Sacred Spaces (in progress).

  1995 God, Being, Truth: Essays in the History of Metaphysics (unpublished philosophy book).
  1995 “No-Thing or Nothing,” philosophical paper presented to the International Society for NeoPlatonic Studies at Nashville, Tennessee, May 28.
  1995 “Throw Your Design Plans A Curve,” Better Homes and Gardens Building Ideas, Winter, pp. 68-75.
  1996 Natural System of House Design, New York: McGraw-Hill.
  1997-2000 New house and Project designs and work on "Millennium Projects".  Continued work on Ph.D. dissertation and other books.
  2001 "2001 - Millennium House/Popular Science
  2002 Bostrum House Design
  2003 Became a member of NCARB
  2004 Lawhon Addition, Nelson House, Candela Addition
  Note:  At present, Woods is entering more design contests and seeing projects through to completion.



"Woods" first plan for us in 1980 drew the largest response in the 10 year history of our 'Liesure House' home series." - Al Lees/ Editor, Popular Science Magazine.
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