Charles G. Woods AIA / Award Winning Architect
Charles Gregory Woods, AIA/NCARB, is an award-winning Registered Architect and the author of four architecture books (six including revised editions).  His designs have been shown in more than fifty respected magazines and journals.  He has been a leading expert in Earth-Sheltered and Passive-Solar Design for more than twenty years.

Born in Chicago in 1953 of largely Polish (but also Russian and German) Catholic ancestry, Charles G. Woods is an internationally noted Registered Architect/PA and a member of the American Institute of Architects.  He is a longtime specialist in energy-efficient, environmental and low-maintenance housing.  He has lectured on architecture for television and radio.  He has also taught college philosophy.  He apprenticed for more than ten years under two direct students of Frank Lloyd Wright, and he has a B.A. degree in comparative religion (with a minor in architecture) and a M.A. degree in comparative religious philosophy.  He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation in philosophy on the Dutch philosopher Spinoza.  He has also written an (as yet) unpublished work on the history of philosophy.  As with Wright, Mies, and Le Corbusier, Woods is largely   self-trained and has designed more than 350 houses and buildings -- including sacred buildings, which are the subject of his next book.  In addition to being an architect, Woods has completed over 1,500 works of art in various media ranging from digital art to drawings, oils and acrylics.

Woods’ hobbies are reading the classics, listening to classical music, viewing classic movies, playing chess and tennis and practicing karate and tai chi.  He is married to author Julie Kettle Gundlach and lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in an earth-sheltered house of his own design.  He is interested in practicing what he calls “Natural Architecture” with like-minded clients.


"His designs are masterfull!" - Malcom Wells (Noted environmental architect)
last update 1/16/11